Ultra-Lite Shutter Installation

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Custom Roll Shutters

Customizable options, we customize each project to your needs

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All products supplied and installed through Blueflower Sunrooms

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A+ BBB rating, best labour warranty available

Ultra-Lite Shutter Installation

What We Do

Custom Roll Shutters

Customizable options, we customize each project to your needs

One Stop Shop

All products supplied and installed through Blueflower Sunrooms

Quality Installations

A+ BBB rating, best labour warranty available

Why Consider Roll Shutters?

They Simply Look Great

If you choose the right rolling shutters, you can substantially improve the look of your façade. When you feel as if your home needs a facelift, installing rolling shutters may be the answer. You can choose the style and the color to suit your taste.

Block or Control Incoming Light

Do you hate the sun rays in the morning when you still have an hour left of sleep? Does your child have trouble taking a daytime nap when the sun is out? Do you work nights and the daylight sun makes it hard to sleep? Rolling shutters can deal with this problem by letting you control the light anytime you wish. Closing the shutters can regulate the darkness level in your home.

Sound Dampening

If you live on a busy street or feel frustrated with the neighbor’s barking dog or their son’s piano lessons, the rolling shutters can help to reduce the noise. When installed over your windows they act as a layer of noise protection between your home and the outside world. Some rolling shutters can reduce the noise by more than 50%. Besides keeping the noise out, they also keep it in. So, you don’t have to worry about loud music or partying disturbing your neighbors.

Keep Your Windows Clean

When it comes to assorted precipitation, such as hail, rain, or snow, the shutters offer perfect protection for your windows. Besides reducing the chance of damage and leaks, they keep the windows safe from stains and streaks. Rolling shutters are also very durable and can withstand many severe weather conditions, including debris from strong winds.

Protection From Sun, Hail & Wind

Blinds and curtains are a great way to keep the sun out. But what about the heat? Rolling shutters can seal the heat from getting inside in the summer and not let it out in the winter. Besides keeping the temperatures comfortable and protecting your home from the blinding sun (especially in the morning when you feel like getting some sleep), the shutters help you save on energy bills and offer added protection from hail and wind damage.

Improved Security

Rolling shutters make it hard for an intruder to get to your window in order to break it. These shutters are installed and there are many security features available that make getting behind them very difficult.Durability is the most important aspect to consider when it comes to picking the right security shutter for your home.  Besides keeping criminal elements out physically, they don’t allow the potential intruders to see inside your home. Home security shutters can be used to make up part of a household’s overall security measures.

Meanwhile, the very appearance of the rolling shutters on your doors and windows can steer the burglars away since they know it is nearly impossible to enter.

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Extra Secure Ultra Shutter

Blueflower Sunrooms is one of the trusted authorized dealer of Europe’s leading supplier of aluminum Roll Shutter (Ultra-Lite Shutters) profile systems. Heroal is the original designer of the roll-formed slat and currently has the most advanced profile system on the market. Unmatched in quality and design, Ultra-Lite and Heroal have formed a strong partnership to bring the high performance products to Alberta, and authorized Blue Flower as a dealer.


The Ultra-Protect Shutter line offers an eye pleasing aesthetic which doubles as a deterrent and energy efficient low-cost alternative to bars or grills over entries to your business or home. The Ultra-Protect Shutter System will make your home and business look and feel more secure.


The Ultra-Secure Shutter line is manufactured for the more security conscious application. We’ve increased the wind load, thermal insulation and noise barrier on the Secure Shutter. The Ultra-Secure Shutter combines the aesthetically pleasing visual of the Ultra-Protect Shutter with a beefed-up level of security and protection which is readily apparent at every angle.


The Ultra-Guard Shutters are specifically designed to provide an additional level of deterrence to compliment any existing security measures to meet your commercial needs. Thick gauge, extruded aluminum slats with a 59mm slat face are available in Solid, Grid and Rectangle designs and can be combined in any formation dependent on the specified needs of the commercial application. Stainless Steel End Retention provides greater strength to enable low deflection over large widths. Presently, these high deterrence shutters are silver with other colors available on special order. For commercial use, with or without display applications, the Ultra-Guard Shutter is an ideal fit!

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Thanks Blueflower for an outstanding job done on supplying and installing our awesome sunroom. We had selected Blueflower after reviewing the competitors, and nobody could compete with the quality, ability to customize, and price that Blueflower offers, we are soooo happy! Doug and his team did a great job in completing the project, even in the winter! Thanks again, we highly recommend Blueflower to anyone looking to add additional living space for year round enjoyment.


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