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Create a Vacation Spot Right Outside Your Back Door!

A sunroom is the perfect way to create a vacation spot right in your own backyard. Our screen rooms and sunrooms block wind, protect from the harsh Alberta climate and desert-like UV rays – creating a bug-free zone for your family.

Our work can be seen in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River and area. We also work in the Glennifer Lake and Red Deer area.

Each and every Blue Flower Enclosure is custom designed from the ground up to fit your home’s unique architecture. Whether it is a glass room, screen room, retractable screens or awnings, Blue Flower Sunroom has the best product for your home and budget.

Get Your Money Back!

Building a sunroom addition or glass room enclosure is the perfect way to enjoy the comforts of the indoors, while experiencing the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a screened in porch or a 3 season glass room, we can create a custom design just for you. Our specialized team has extensive experience in building designer sunrooms that are customized to your exact specifications.

A fabulous, new, modern, sunroom addition will enhance your home enjoyment, improve your lifestyle, and increase the value of your home. Independent surveys have shown that if you invest in building a sunroom, the cost to build your sunroom comes back to you by adding value to your real estate. Typically, 100% of the cost of sunrooms is added on to the value of your home after 10 years of ownership. That’s like having a 10 year vacation… and getting all of your money back!


“We are so impressed by the service that we have received from Blueflower Sunrooms! Thank you!”


Fairmont, BC

They do amazing work and I recommend them if you decide to renovate your home or add a sunroom!

Adam Vetter

Calgary, AB

“Your installers were so polite and professional. I really appreciate that. Thank you.”


Cochrane, AB

“We use our sunroom every day, it’s like an addition to our home!”

Brent & Evelyn

Cochrane, AB

“It’s the best home improvement project I have ever done. I wish I could have done it sooner.”


Red Deer, BC

“My screen room is a gathering place for my friends. We spend a lot of time out there from May until October. It has really lengthened my outdoor season.”


Airdrie, AB

Sunroom Possibilities

Take a look at our sunrooms!

3 Season Glass Room

3 Season Glass Rooms

Does your property include a view of western Canada’s Gliding streams and spectacular mountains?

Upgrading to a glass enclosure provides a complete weather barrier without obstructing the view; converting your patio or deck into another room in your house.

A 3 Season Glass Room can remain comfortable for 8-10 months of the year.

4 Season Glass Room

4 Season Glass Rooms

Similar to the “3 Season Glass Room”, a 4 season enclosure provides the same benefits with the addition of double pane glass.

A 4 Season Glass Room will not only remain comfortable year round but provide superior insulation; ideal for enclosures equipped with heating or A/C.

Conservatory Sunroom


Know as the “classic” of windowed enclosures, the conservatory is one of the oldest architectural shapes still used today.

Modern conservatories are defined by a singular shared wall between the house and the enclosure; effectively creating an additional room within your home. Available in Glass or acrylic.

Curved Sunroom

Curved Rooms

A Curved Room provides a seamless transition from roof to wall. The use of acrylic allows us to create a seamless single pane window that stretches from the end to end of the enclosure.

Who can deny the innate satisfaction of beading droplets forming together as they run down the perfectly rounded window?

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